My Review of the new Roto Grip Cell Pearl

The technologically advanced and performance proven Nucleus™ core delivers continuous predictable motion for all types of bowlers. The Cytoplasmic X™ pearl reactive coverstock is a first in the industry with the optimum amount of porosity and enhanced surface friction.

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Pin to PAP(4 1/2″ over 1/2″ up) – 6″
Mass Bias Position – 5″ from PAP
CG Placement – 1″ Left of grip center
Balance Hole – None

Surface Preparation – Left at Box Finish (1500 Polished)

What I Was Looking For In This Layout: I went ahead and tried Roto Grip’s recommended layout for crankers, the 6 x 5 layout. They say that this will work good for those inside lines.

What I Ended Up With In This Ball Layout: If you liked the [bowlingball value=”6053″/], then you are going to love the [bowlingball value=”6695″/]. Not only does this ball look GREAT going down the lane, but it hits like a truck. Even with the pin so far from my PAP, this ball is still one of the more aggressive balls in my arsenal. This gets through the heads pretty easily, then jumps off the dry and makes a left turn. Skid/Snap would be a valid description of what I get out of this ball layout.

I started around 15 at the arrows and was getting the ball out to around 5 on our Thursday Night Men’s league. It was flying back off the dry, so I ended up moving in towards 18 at the arrows and kept the ball closer to 8-10 at the breakpoint. This allowed the ball motion to transition smoother off the breakpoint and give me the look I needed.

After a game and a half, the lanes had broken down and I was forced to move in deeper. My first move in was to stand on 34 on the approach and put the ball over 23 at the arrows 12 at the breakpoint. The look this gave me was terrific. It did provide enough kick at the breakpoint to snap the corners out at the very end.

Overall, I think this is going to be a great ball for me on the tighter lane conditions. Compared to my Cell Pro CG, I can get in deeper and it gives me a better angular look. If you bowl in a drier house, or you rev it up, I would recommend this layout. If you bowl in a house with more oil, are more of a tweener or down and in player, I would recommend going with a stronger layout. Another great ball from Roto Grip.

[bowlingball value=”6695,i150″/]
My Review of the new Roto Grip Cell Pearl was last modified: May 21st, 2010 by Brian Halstrom



  1. Nice review brother! I’m loving the layout, you cranker you. Haha.

    Now just get them to give me one 🙂

    Next up… 890! lol

  2. Good ball when new. Threw a 300 with it the first week I had it, but sucks up oil like crazy.

    • Dustin, I think all balls really are good when they are new. But, the condition of any item primarily depends on the one who use it.

      Lanny Satine

  3. To tell you honestly I don't have that much time for this but I am so in love with the game yet not with all of it. I couldn't care less on what I put my grip.

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