Gotta Love Sundays

Today, my fiance and I drove down to Winter Park to have some engagement photos taken for our wedding. We have two photographers for our wedding, Tara and Nicole, and both were shooting us today. I have to say that it was pretty fun. They made Jenn and I get up on buildings, stand on railroad tracks, and swing around poles. I’m interested to see how the pics come out.

If you want to check out more info about my wedding, which seems to be coming up fast, visit our wedding website.

After we finished taking pictures, we went to grab breakfast at our favorite breakfast cafe.If you haven’t been to First Watch, I highly recommend it. It’s a daytime cafe that only serves food until 3 P.M., but the service is usually always great and the food is even better. If you are going to give it a shot, I recommend you try a skillet or a breakfast scramble.

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  1. Always a whore for first watch… 🙂 I love that place, great food!

    Let me see the pics when they are available, I want to see you swinging around a pole.

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