Product Review w/ Video – Hammer’s The Sauce

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The Sauce High Performance Series features an all-new Contrusion core shape allowing for greater backend movement without sacrificing breakpoint control, and the Hammer Aggressive Edge coverstock; the most aggressive coverstock we’ve cooked up yet.

Pin to PAP (4 1/2″ over 1/2″ up) – 3 3/4″
CG Placement – 1 1/2″ Right of grip center – 2 3/8″ from PAP
Balance Hole – 5 1/2″ Right, 1″ Down – Hole Drilled 2″ Deep w/ 3/4″ Drill Bit

Surface Preparation – Sanded to 1000 Abralon and Polished with Brunswick Factory Finish

What I Was Looking For In This Layout: Since this is the first high performance Hammer releases in some time, I decided to go stronger with this layout to see what it could do. I was looking for this ball to hook more in the midlane and give me a strong punch at the breakpoint.

What I Ended Up With In This Ball Layout: Out of the box, this baby hooked early and often. A little too much for me to handle, so I ended up using 1000 grit Abralon and polishing the surface with Brunswick Factory Finish polish.

I started this ball left of the 4th arrow and got it to 10 at the breakpoint. With the added polish, the ball was able to store more energy to release at the spot. It begins to pick up a roll earlier than anything else I have in my bag. With the ball left at box finish, I found that the reaction smoothed out on the backend as it was using its energy too quickly.

The added polish really helped. Once it reaches the breakpoint, the progression to the pocket is very strong. It actually looks like it goes into another gear and levels through the pins.

Overall, Hammer is back in the High Performance market with The Sauce. If you’re a low rev player and want the most reaction out of your ball, I would recommend this type of layout for you. For higher rev rate bowlers, I would either recommend you use this layout on heavier oil patters, or lay the ball out with the pin 5-6″ from your PAP. This layout rolls tremendous on medium patterns and offers more angle at the breakpoint.

[bowlingball value=”6724,i300c”/]
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