Product Review w/ Video – Track Up-Rising Bowling Ball

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Up-Rising combines the largest single density core and an all new Jet Black Polished HP GEN 2 Reactive coverstock. Not only will you be getting one of the strongest engines in our sport today, but one of the most forgiving coverstocks ever seen.

Pin to PAP(4 1/2″ over 1/2″ up) – 4 1/2″
Mass Bias Position – 3″ Right of Center Line
Balance Hole – None

Surface Preparation – Left at Box Finish

What I Was Looking For In This Layout: When we first got our hands on Track’s latest high performance release, The Up-Rising, we were very excited. There was a lot of hype about this ball so we couldn’t wait to test it out on the lanes. We used Track’s basic layout #1 on our Up-Rising. This put the pin 1″ above my center of grip and the mass bias 3″ right of the center line. This layout is supposed to allow for a big hook with strong continuation through the pins.

What I Ended Up With In This Ball Layout: Out of the box, this ball reacted just like they said it would. Super clean through the heads and saved all of its energy for the backend. I truly enjoyed the motion this ball gave me of the breakpoint. Through the middle of the lane, I could tell when this ball was starting to make its move. Once it shifted gears, this ball didn’t play around. I received very little deflection once this ball turned off the corner.

I tested this ball out on our THS. I tried to play multiple lines to see if this ball would have any weak areas. I moved right and stood on 15 to play up the 2nd arrow and took my hand out of the ball to see what that would do to the reaction. I expected the ball to jump sooner when I moved right due to more friction, but once again the Up-Rising did what they claimed it would do. It got me through the heads without burning up a great amount of energy and still ripped the rack. After I threw a few shots outside, I decided to test its range. I moved 20 boards left to stand on the 35 board and decided to throw a few normal shots. I was targeting 23 at the arrows and getting the ball out to 7 at the breakpoint. Here’s where the Up-Rising really shines. This ball created around 5 boards of area for me down the lane. Off the breakpoint, the Up-Rising gave me a consistent read off the breakpoint every shot and showed no signs weakness through the pins.

The only area I did not have success with the Up-Rising was to the extreme left inside angle I tried to play. For what this ball is made to do, I would not have expected it to make such a great move, but this also could have been in part to the drilling layout and of the course the pattern it was tested on.

Overall, we were very impressed with what we saw from Track’s Up-Rising. The coverstock is going to allow all types of bowlers to play various parts of the lane. This is not the most aggressive ball on the market today, but rather it will be considered one of the most powerful yet forgiving balls you can own.

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  1. Excellent bowling ball, love it. But can you tell me what is the cleaner for it. It is nasty to clean and keep the nice polish. Tks

    • Hi Gervais,

      The cleaner that I most frequently use is the Ebonite Powerhouse Ball Cleaner. I find that this does a great job removing dirt and oil from the ball and also restoring tackiness to the surface.

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