Storm Virtual Gravity Bowling Ball Product Review

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Brian Halstrom Storm Virtual Gravity

The new Virtual Gravity™ is the latest endeavor using the well received R2X™ coverstock and the high performance Shape Lock HD™ (High Density) Core.

Pin to PAP(4 1/2″ over 1/2″ up) – 5″
Mass Bias Position – 3″ right of Center Line
Balance Hole – None

Surface Preparation – Left at Box Finish (4000-grit Abralon)

What I Was Looking For In This Layout: Knowing that this ball was going to hook, I decided to place the pin under my middle finger to try to get the pin a little further away from my PAP in order to get a little more length out of the ball.

What I Ended Up With In This Ball Layout: Let me start by making a bold statement…This is the most aggressive by I have ever thrown. Really, the movement this ball makes at the breakpoint is insane. While testing the ball with my co-workers, we were having fun seeing how far left we could stand and how many boards we could cross. This being said, any bowler that is looking for a strong ball in oil, no matter if you are a stroker, tweener, or cranker, this ball is the ball you need to have in your bag.

We started out using our Virtual Gravity’s on a freshly oiled house condition. Normally I would stand around 20-22 and play in between the 2-3 arrow. Left at box surface, this proved to be a bit too aggressive for me. I started standing on 28 getting the ball close to the 4th arrow and out to 6. Once the ball reached the breakpoint, it forgets to put on its turn signal and just makes a left turn. This ball does not have Deflection in its vocabulary.[bowlingball value=”6810,i150l”/]

To test the balls limits, I decided to stand on 45 (pretty much lining me left foot up with the left gutter) and going in between the 5th and 6th arrows. While throwing through this line, my target breakpoint was still around the 6-8 board. Once again, off the breakpoint, the ball makes a left turn and absolutely destroys the pins. We will have great video footage of our testing posted shortly.

My recommendation is that if you’re going to miss, miss right. This ball will not have any problem recovering from the outside. This ball will react best on medium-oily to heavy oiled lane conditions. If you loved the Gravity Shift, then you are going to love the Virtual Gravity.

Storm Virtual Gravity Bowling Ball Product Review was last modified: January 2nd, 2011 by Brian Halstrom



  1. ok so i have a cell and at the begining of the season i loved it and i had a 296 like the 3rd week and now that i havent been using it because when i get on a heavier oil pattern it just goes straight when im at mjbt ive tried it and same result straight… and latley ive seen ppl using the virtual my buddy has one and shot a 300 the first day with it. like u said once it hits its break point it turns left. now im a lefty and naturally i always have a heavier set of oil. refiring back to mjbt i was using my hy-road and that hooked way more than my cell. should i look into a virtual gravity? because i have a gravity and i love it. please write back because i really need to fill my heavy oil spot because now its winter and all the tournes are comming up..


  2. and when this started happening i decided to have the ball baked out and i was wondering if that had any effect on the balls performnce. becuase litterally my neptune hooks more than my cell and this is a problem

    • Hey Austin,

      I will tell you that if you need a ball for heavy oil, you're going to want to try a Virtual Gravity. I have this ball, cell, cell pearl, and hy-road. All great balls, but the Virtual Gravity out hooks everything. I like the Hy-Road on medium shots, but for heavier oil, definitely a Virtual Gravity.

  3. i just ordered a virtual storm from my alleys pro shop and was wondering if i should trust his judgement on the drilling or if i should bring in some examples from what i have seen online, cause last time i bought a ball he seemed to just go right in (not that its drilled bad by any means) but never told or asked where the pin would be compared to the holes….if you know what i mean…

    • Hi Gordon,

      In my experience, is never hurts to bring in examples of different layouts that you've seen into your pro shop. In the case that he drilled you last ball without asking any questions, there could be a few reasons for this. One, he knows your game that well and drilled your ball for what he thought would work best for you. Two, he didn't ask what you wanted and put a basic drilling drilling.

      Before drilling your ball, the pro shop operator should know what your positive axis point is and what type of reaction you are looking for in the ball. The positive axis point (PAP) will be most important when laying out your ball to determine the type of reaction you are seeking. This way, you can compare your axis point to the axis points you have seen people use online.

  4. Am a right hander and my storm virtual gravity has its pin on the right of my ring finger,
    I normally would bowl my target on the 8th – 12th board to get a maximum carry on a medium- oily lane condition. With the Virtual I can bowl with my target on the 15-17th board and still have maximum carry aside from easily hitting the pocket even if my feet is somewhere on the 28th board. My other balls include the Columbia 300 Momentum & Brunswick Radical Inferno.

  5. I just got my virtual gravity. First night out, before the grip glue dried, I bowled a 254. I’m a 170 average bowler and my lowest game out of 6 is a 205. I love this ball, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. My other balls include a Storm SureFire, and a Hammer Black Widow Bite, and NOTHING I have ever thrown even coes close to the reaction I get with this ball.

    On a fresh house shot I stood all the way left, threw it at the gutter, and I mean the 1 board, and it made a mean left and shredded the rack. I couldn’t miss, I would definitely recomend this ball to anyone who needs a ball with lots of backend, and sick pin far the best ball I’ve ever owned.

  6. my hooks like shit. i think it was drilled wrong

  7. hey i was wanting a heavy oil ball for regionals and such and i was looking at the virtual gravity. what would end up hooking more between the virtual gravity and a mutant cell. thanks so much

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