Storm Virtual Gravity bowling ball reaction video

As promised, here is the ball reaction video of the [bowlingball value=”6810″/] [bowlingball value=”6832,i250c”/]

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  1. am a right hander and my storm virtual gravity has its pin on the right of my ring finger,
    I normally would bowl from 8th-12th board for maximum carry, with the virtual gravity I can easily bowl with maximum carry even at 15th-17th board with my feet on the 28th.

  2. See i got this ball on a day of i only got the practice time given before league to use the virtual gravity. I loved the ball at first but now, a few months later this ball is starting to not hook nearly as much as it did. Its concerning me because i miss the reaction it had. So i was wondering..would the hook again kit work?

  3. I just purchased Virtual Gravity with the pin above the ring finger slightly to the right. After reading the great reviews on this ball (video sold me) i was really excited and couldn't wait to use it. I'm not sure if the layout was screwed up but i got "virtually" no hook on this ball. I'm a right handed stoker who typically bowls down and in, well this ball went down and further down. My Columbia "Beast" that i got like 15 years ago had a stronger hook than this. I was told that this ball was tailor made for bowler of my style but was disappointed when the ball hook about 3 boards straight into the three pin. How do i fix this!!

    • Hi Michael,

      I have to say that this is the first that I have heard about this particular ball not hooking. There could be a few reasons as to why you may not be seeing your ball hook. First could be the lane condition you're bowling on is causing the ball to hook very early and it is not moving on the back end. If the ball is still at box finish, it may be using its energy too early. Out of the box, it comes at 4000 grit. You can try polish on the surface to get it through the heads and save energy for the back end. If this doesn't work, I would recommend taking the surface to 1000 and adding polish to add additional reaction.

      If you would like, I would be happy to take a look at your ball. Feel free to send images of your ball layout to I'll see if there is anything that I can tell by looking at your layout.

      Thanks Michael

  4. Im not a expert at bowling, but i have done a lot of research on all brands of balls and found that the most popular ball out today was the Storm's Virtual Gravity, so i decided to purchase the ball not knowing if i would get the same hook and results as everyone else. When i first bought the Virtual Gravity the first six games i could not get the ball to hook to save my life so fustration set in and i started throwing the ball as hard as i could. Now when i say this bowling ball hits the pins with power and energy it hits them like a 18 wheeler hitting the back end of a Toyota Echo just destroyes the pins sometimes even sending the pins into other lanes. i absolutely love this ball its just so sick, makes you want to call a doctor. The Best thing about this ball is the back door strikes all night if you over shoot your target. Can't waite for the Virtual Energy

    • Hey Ryan,

      I can't wait for the Virtual Energy either. With how good the Virtual Gravity has done, I'm sure this ball will be just as good. The color scheme looks pretty cool as well.

  5. Hi brian…..
    thx for ur advise by this blog , im glenn and i would like to ask u about this virtual gravity ball ….. im considering to buy this ball but before that i like to ask u a couple question specially for drilling lay out
    1.what is the best layout for this type of ball(virtual gravity)
    2.what is the different if u drill the ball if the pin above or below the finger
    finally i need ur recomendation about all of this and last thing i would to know …compare this virtual gravity and roto grip rogue cell which one is ur recomend
    thx bfore

    • Hi Glenn,

      Thanks for your comment. On the Storm Virtual Gravity, I've seen quite a few different layouts work well on this ball. Depending on what you're looking for, you're going to want to bring the pin closer or further away from your PAP to determine where on the lane you want the ball to start hooking. For me, the ball tends to push further down the lane and give me a more angular reaction when the pin is above my fingers. With the pin below, the ball tends to give me a good mid lane read and predictable roll off the break point.

      Compared the the Rogue Cell, I feel the Virtual Gravity is going to give you a few more boards of hook. Both are great balls and compliment each other very well. I would have to say that they are two of my favorite balls in my bag.

  6. Hi Brian

    I have seem to have made an error with my Virtual Gravity. I had decicded to drop the grit on the Virtually Gravity to 500 grit because i wanted to have more hook for the fresh oil in my leagues. The 500 grit worked to perfection giving me all 600 series and my first ever 736 scratch series back to back weeks. but after my last 600 series i took my ball to the pro shop and did another 500 grit and ball clean, now my ball does not want to stay on the lanes or hook anymore. Is there a certain direction or way to apply the grit to the bowling ball to keep it consistantly hooking?
    The Ball now goes long and does not snap back to the pocket.

  7. im haveing the same problem as brian. I bought the virtual gravity and it work pefectly doiung everything i wanted to do. After about 3 months it was not reacting the way as i bought it so i took it to the pro shop and he resurfaced it and now the ball doesnt do anything. Its like its burning up all the enrgy on the front end and nothing in the back end. Which seems like conicidence cause my ebonite one pearl is doing the same thing. I have over $500 in balls that do nothing for me.. Please help me out before i go out of my mind.

  8. Brian,
    I have the virtual gravity and the lanes I am bowling now are flying out of the building. You can throw the ball 30 out to 8 and it still hooks past the pocket. I don't have much hand and I am not used to playing that far inside consistantly. Can you tell me what to have the ball sanded or polished to so I can use the ball surface to help my lack of release a little.

  9. I am a lefthander and I have the extra hole down about 2 inches from the thumb and I have a 3 to 4 inch pin and 2 to 3 oz of top weight.And my ball hooks very well.My ball speed is around 14 miles per hour also.this is anice setup for me and works very well.

  10. Awesome product! The virtual gravity bowling ball is truly a wonderful piece. I think I might purchase one of this product since I'm into bowling.

  11. If I read the diagram correctly that was flashed in the video, it's the offset of the center of gravity that allows the ball to hook so much. I never realized that had that kind of effect on a bowling ball. I don't understand why the ball wouldn't wobble along it's path when you do that, but it seems to work well.
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