Why are my balls not hooking anymore?

You just got your brand new ball. you take it out on the lanes and wow, that thing moves! You get it into league and bowl a few tournaments on the weekends. Before you know it, you start to notice your ball not moving the way it was when you first got it drilled. What’s happening? You didn’t move to a different bowling center and the mechanics aren’t oiling the lanes any differently. One thing that most bowlers do not take into consideration as often as they should is the cleaning of their equipment. Whether we don’t have enough time or we don’t know to do it, cleaning your high performance equipment is essential for consistent ball reaction.

This especially goes for bowlers that own a higher performance bowling ball. The surface’s have become so pourous that they absorb oil faster than ever. This being said, it is not a bad idea to clean your equipment before and after every time you bowl. If you start to notice your ball reaction start to fade, you can treat your ball by using an [bowlingball value=”2100″\]. These kits remove the oil that has soaked into the coverstock of your ball.

The kit includes:
* [bowlingball value=”2643″/] (a $20 value)
* The Hook Again Treatment Chamber (a $28 value)

* An [bowlingball value=”2286″/] (a $7 value)
* A [bowlingball value=”6304″/] (a $10 value)

Bring your bowling balls back to life this season with an [bowlingball value=”2100″/].

[bowlingball value=”2100,i150″/]

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  1. how do you use the kit? it looks kind of complicating.

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