Stefanie Nation takes home her first title!

Congratulations to Stefanie Nation for taking home her first title yesterday on the PBA! She took down one of the strongest women bowlers out there in Michelle Feldman. I’ve bowled with Stefanie for many years and I couldn’t have been more happy than to see her win. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a bowler, male or female, who throws it better in the clutch. Stef was throwing the [bowlingball value=”6764″/]
Stefanie and I bowled together for the University of Central Florida Striking Knights. I’m proud that she got the chance to get out there and do what she loves to do. Congratulations Stef!

[bowlingball value=”6764,i200c”/]

Along with taking home first titles, Brad Angelo captured his first title against Chris Loschetter. To be honest, I was routing for CJ all the way. I know Loschetter will get his first title this year, because honestly, I’m tired of throwing things at the TV when he doesn’t win! Congratulations to both CJ and Brad for bowling great tournaments.

Loschetter was throwing Global 900 while Angelo was using the [bowlingball value=”6762″/].

[bowlingball value=”6762,i200c”/]
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