Save the White House Bowling Lanes

Few questions are more important than whether or not the White House bowling alley, installed by Richard Nixon, has a future in an Obama Administration. As chronicled in The Wall Street Journal, hoops will be the diversion of choice for the president-elect and his lane-slashing cabinet:

“I think we are putting together the best basketball-playing cabinet in American history,” the president-elect said at a news conference earlier this week.

During the campaign, Mr. Obama said he planned to replace the white House bowling alley–installed by Richard Nixon in 1969–with an indoor basketball court.

Obama uses Dr. Naismith’s game to blow off steam before big speeches, and has scheduled a 3-on-3 game before his inaugural address on Jan. 20th. Given that the current White House court is outdoors, and the fact that Obama will be facing a host of hand-wringing winter time decisions right out of the gate, the need for an indoor rim is paramount. But should the new court come at the expense of the most famous bowling lane in the country?

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Written by David Knowles

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