Brunswick Wild Ride Bowling Ball Review

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Wild Ride ConneXion!! The Wild Ride introduces ConneXion™, the new coverstock by Brunswick, that provides the wildest response at the break point ever seen in a Brunswick ball.

Pin to PAP(5 1/8″ over 1/8″ up) – 4″
Mass Bias Position – 50 degrees
CG Placement – under ring finger on mid line
Balance Hole – From Center of Grip through CG, 1/2″ right of VAL, 2″ deep with 1″ bit
Dual Angle Layout – 45 degrees x 4″ x 70 degrees

Surface Preparation – Left at Box Finish

What I Was Looking For In This Layout: This is all all new release by Brunswick, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with the ball reaction. I tried this ball layout because it is one of my favorite layouts and I can generally get a good read out of the ball.

What I Ended Up With In This Ball Layout: I had to say I was surprised at the reaction this ball gave me. Bowling for UCF, we were exclusive with Brunswick and ball gave me a look that no other Brunswick ball has given me before. The Wild Ride allowed me to play multiple parts of the lane while giving me a very predictable reaction. Getting through the heads was very easy and mid lane performance was excellent.

I find that this ball works better for me on lane conditions that are medium to medium-oily. When I got this ball on too much oil, it tended to go a little long for me with my speed.

Overall, I think the Wild Ride in a great addition to my arsenal. It will allow me to get outside and play the lanes straighter when I need to, or allow me to move left and open up the lanes when they get dry. A great new addition to the Brunswick line!

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