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If you are bowling in the USBC Nationals in Las Vegas this year, be sure to enter into the Storm / Roto Grip Nationals Challenge. They are offering the following:

Singles Handicap
Singles Scratch
Doubles Handicap
Doubles Scratch

Use the scores from any or all of the events (Singles, Doubles and/or Teams) from the USBC Nationals.


Only Scores bowled at the USBC Nationals are to be used and will be verified at

You MUST enter AND Pay for your entry BEFORE you physically Bowl.

You MUST go to the Storm Booth in the Cashman Center and provide them with a copy of the printout of the scores you bowled. This allows us to not only verify your scores, but verify that your entry was paid for before you actually bowled.

Highest Previous Seasons average from the 2007 – 2008 season listed on will be used. If no 2007 – 2008 average is listed, then a 220 average will be used.

Handicap will be 90% of 220.

If your entering average is more than 220, then you MUST enter the Scratch Division Only. However, if your average is 220 or below, you can enter both the Handicap and Scratch Divisions.

If the sum of the two bowler’s average in the Doubles Division is 441 or more, then the entry MUST be in the Doubles Scratch Division. However, if the sum of the two bowler’s average is 440 or less, you can enter both the Handicap and Scratch Divisions.

You DO NOT need to physically bowl with your doubles partner. You can choose ANYONE you want as your doubles partner provided that your doubles partner has not already bowled before the time of entry. However, they must at least be registered on our site and bowling in the USBC Nationals.

You CAN enter multiple times in the Doubles Division with multiple doubles partners.

You CAN enter multiple times in the Singles Division using your Team, Doubles and Singles scores from the USBC Nationals.

1:5 Bowlers will cash.

Prize fund will be determined by the number of entries as outlined at

Brackets, Sidepots and Eliminator formats are all available, however, you must enter the Tournament itself to enter into any of the side action.

Bracket competition will NOT be displayed until the end of the Tournament.

All scores MUST be entered by the bowler on our site no later than July 28, 2009 at 11:59pm.

Payouts to be made on or about August 1, 2009.

If you have further questions, please post in the official Storm / Roto Grip Nationals Challenge Message Board

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