The New Brunswick Wild Thing Bowling Ball – Coming Soon

[bowlingball value=”7127,i300c”/]

Brunswick Bowling has a new ball coming out called the [bowlingball value=”7127″/]. This is a compliment to the [bowlingball value=”6937″/]. They’re offering a new core in this ball and should be interesting to see the reaction. We do not have a set release date for this ball as of yet. Here are some specs on this ball:

The new ultra low RG Paragon core was designed with two intentions. First, lower the RG to create a faster revving core that will provide improved mid-lane traction. And second, raise the RG differential to increase the track flare potential which will generate more overall hook with standard layouts and the use of interchangeable thumb sleeves.

The [bowlingball value=”7127″/] utilizes ConneXion coverstock known for its unbelievable traction response from foul line to head pin. The aggressive connection of the Wild Thing to the lane surface inspires confidence in the ball reaction that allows bowlers to play the lanes the way they want to.

Ball Motion
The [bowlingball value=”7127″/] and its new ultra low RG core system improves the adhesion of ConneXion coverstock to accelerate the response to friction and turn its attack loose on the pins. This core/coverstock combination allows the Wild Thing to generate a shape never seen before in the Brunswick line.

[bowlingball value=”7127″/]… I Think I Love You !!

Click here for my review and ball reaction video of the Brunswick Wild Ride bowling ball

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