Get a Sneak Peak at Brunswick’s C (System) 2.5 High Performance Bowling Ball

[bowlingball value=”7529,i200c”/]

Brunswick Bowling is proud to present their latest high performance release, the [bowlingball value=”7529″/]. This high performance release has been in design for over 18 months as Brunswick has worked hand in hand with PBA legend Carmen Salvino. In addition to being a legendary bowler, Salvino conducts scientific research and holds multiple patents related to bowling ball design.

This new line of performance bowling balls features Chemical Friction Technology (CFT). As Salvino explains, “The coverstock was chemically designed to have shaped molecular structures that produce a high coefficient of friction. Because of the shape of the molecule, when the ball goes into rolling friction, which occurs at the back part of the lane, slippage is eliminated and the ball will give you maximum entry and carry. This is the advantage of chemical friction versus mechanical friction.

“The chemistry is versatile enough that even if sanded or polished, it will not change the shape of the molecule. That is the uniqueness of this chemistry.”

The Chemical Friction Technology in the new C•(System) 2.5 is a difference you can feel!

Keep your eyes out for the [bowlingball value=”7529″/], it is scheduled for September 28, 2009.

Here is a picture of the new Brunswick C•(System)2.5 weight block.

Brunswick C•(System)2.5 weight block

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  1. We have Carmen Salvino on our radio show – Let's Go Bowling! – at 6:05pm Eastern tonight, 9/15. Listen online at http://www.gobowling If you miss it ,show will be put on site Friday or Saturday.

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