Roto Grip Mutant Cell

[bowlingball value=”7625,i250c”/]

Roto Grip Design Intent on the new [bowlingball value=”7625″/].

The success of the Cell series continues to grow, and so does the technology involved in the newest edition. The signature touch to the line has been its continuous motion and versatility. This stems from the Nucleus core and its unique shape. This asymmetrical part maintains its dynamic integrity and differential value after drilling better than any other ball on the market.

Our intent was to utilize this same premise in the newly designed Nucleus II core. We have strategically removed mass along the axes of the core to increase the intermediate differential or mass bias strength. This translates into a quicker revving part along with increased motion potential down the lane.

The final touch is the utilization of the Cytoplasmic XL solid reactive coverstock. This second generation coverstock has an extreme amount of surface topography (Ra value). This means more friction from foul line through the pin deck.

The Evolution of Technology has Mutated!

The new Mutant Cell is available for pre-order now. Pre-order your [bowlingball value=”7625″/] for only [bowlingball value=”7625,price”/] at Worldwide release set is scheduled for November 19, 2009. Keep your eyes out for our reaction video set to be released next week.

The [bowlingball value=”7625″/] registers a [bowlingball value=”7625,ps”/].

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  1. Simply put, this is a great ball. It reminds me of the old Columbia Chaos ball. I am a down and end plaeyr and after 2 weeks shot a 299 and the following week a 726 series (232, 227, and 267). The key for me was getting used to the increased hook. I had to change my hand position to get the ball down the lane. Once done, the ball was like remote control. Definitely a great ball on oil and allows the plaeyr to move left and still get the ball back to the pocket hard. The ball has a gradual hook that is controllable and hits like a cannon. I did find that if I moved left, I had to slow the ball down to avoid 10 pins and one pin leaves. In addition, the ball does not overreact when shooting the 10 pin. (Five star rating!)

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