Watch the New Lane #1 Dynamo X2 Ball Reaction Video

We tested the [bowlingball value=”7453″/] on a 38′ house pattern with a higher volume of oil. This ball was very smooth through the heads and gave a consistent reaction on the backend. The [bowlingball value=”7453″/] allows me to square up on the lanes and gives me a different look than anything else I have in my bag.

Get your [bowlingball value=”7453″/] for only [bowlingball value=”7453,price”/]. The [bowlingball value=”7453″/] also carries a rating of [bowlingball value=”7453,ps”/].

[bowlingball value=”7453,i200c”/] [ad#banner_468]

Make sure to check out the [bowlingball value=”6970″/], a great compliment to the [bowlingball value=”7453″/].

[bowlingball value=”6970,i100c”/]
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