Brunswick C System 3.5 Bowling Ball

[bowlingball value=”7780,i200″/]

We just got done testing the new C System 3.5 and I have to say I’m very impressed with this release from Brunswick. The C System line is giving a different look to Brunswick balls that I have not seen before. This ball needs some oil in the heads as it started revving quickly for me. With it’s fast revving core, I was able to get into the deepest part of the lane and really send the ball right. As the ball made it’s transition at the breakpoint, I was able to get a strong predictable read every shot.

Check back soon for our ball reaction video on the [bowlingball value=”7780″/]. The [bowlingball value=”7780″/] registers a [bowlingball value=”7780,ps”/].

Tech Specs:

  • RG: 2.585
  • FACTORY FINISH: 4000-grit Micro pad
  • BALL COLOR: Purple/Yellow
  • DUROMETER: 75-76 Rex D-scale
  • FLARE POTENTIAL: Medium – High
  • WEIGHTS: 12-16 lbs.

Manufacturer description of the new [bowlingball value=”7780″/]:

Chemical Friction Technology – Developed with Carmen Salvino, the [bowlingball value=”7780″/] is the next evolution in Chemical Friction Technology.

Let the science of friction improve your game!

CFT 3.5 is the next evolution in Chemical Friction Technology. The CFT 3.5 coverstock has a higher friction factor than the original CFT 2.5, which quickens response time, improves down lane traction and increases the overall hook.

Core: I-Block
The new I-Block core was engineered specifically for the CFT 2.5 coverstock to create maximum forgiveness, strong entry angels along with versatile drilling layouts.

Reaction Characteristics
Ball Motion – With its 4000-grit micro pad finish, the [bowlingball value=”7780″/] offers a higher friction factor and increased response time to friction alternative than the original C(System) 2.5. The new C(System)3.5 is best used on medium-oily to oily lane conditions when a quicker response motion is needed to increase entry angle to the pocket.

The [bowlingball value=”7780″/] has a world wide release date scheduled for January 25, 2010.

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