Roto Grip Realm Bowling Ball – Overseas Release

If you’re looking to find the most hooking ball Roto Grip has ever made, look no further than the [bowlingball value=”7746″/]. This ball was never released in the United States. has received a limited supply of these balls in stock and currently have them on sale. The [bowlingball value=”7746″/] registers a [bowlingball value=”7746,ps”/]. That is the highest rating out of all current Roto Grip bowling balls.

[bowlingball value=”7746,i200″/] [ad#banner_468] The Royal™ line of equipment from Roto Grip sets the standard higher than any other line in bowling. The concept behind the Realm™ was to add an extremely aggressive solid reactive to this line. We felt the utilization of the Cyto-X™ coverstock would be the perfect fit. With its extremely high surface texture and coefficient of friction, it proved to be right on target. We saw an increase in surface friction and entry angle from the C.A.T.S. system of about 7% from the previous balls we’ve tested. The C.A.M. core continues to provide the power behind this Royal™ line. The alternating ellipses strategically placed along the x and y axes prove to be the most continuous motion ever seen out of an asymmetrical part. The Rule of this Kingdom continues…

Roto Grip Realm Bowling Ball – Overseas Release was last modified: May 1st, 2010 by Brian Halstrom



  1. Thanks for the helpful drilling pattern on this ball.. shot 300 6 games into the ball.. great product.. you ROCK!

  2. Hey Joe,

    Great bowling! The Roto Grip Realm is definitely one of the strongest balls I've thrown in the Roto line. Thanks for the comment and keep up the good bowling!

  3. yeah only people who crank the ball will have that curve !!!!

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