Roto Grip Nomad & Nomad Pearl Make a Great 1-2 Punch

[bowlingball value=”7205,i150″/]
[bowlingball value=”7206,i150″/]

Making the right ball choice to begin league with can be a tough, yet important decision. We all have our favorite balls and like to see the ball hook across the lane, well at least I do. During our few minutes of practice before league last night, I decided to throw my [bowlingball value=”7205″/] to get a feel for the lanes. I usually go with a more aggressive ball to start out, but I felt like giving the Nomad Solid a shot. It rolled very good in practice and I had a few boards to play with so I decided to stick with it.

What a good decision that was.

I started the night with the front 18 strikes shooting my first 300 game since May of 2008. The ball had a great roll and was not over reacting at the breakpoint one bit. As I threw the 7th frame of the second game, I finally left a 10 pin ending my streak. I converted the spare and proceeded to leave another 10 pin in the 8th and a 7 pin in the 9th. I knew I had to adjust fast as I started to lose some carry. After striking twice in the 10th, I decided to try my [bowlingball value=”7205″/]. Both balls are drilled identical, so I felt confident in knowing what type of reaction I was going to get. I struck on the fill and had an idea of what to do if the Nomad Solid started to lose carry do to the lane transitioning. I ended the second game with 257.

To start the 3rd game, I threw another clean shot and left a half pocket ten with the Solid. I knew then and there I had to make the change or I would be grinding out 200. The Nomad Pearl was exact answer I needed as I struck on the next 2 shots, left a swishing 7 pin, then struck on the next 6 balls and spared in the 10th to finish the game out for 258. The Roto Grip Nomad’s gave me an excellent 1-2 punch to allow me to shoot 815, my 2nd 800 series of the year.

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