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Tony Paquin

Tony Paquin has been nominated to the final ballot of this years 100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare Magazine. Just under 56,000 nominations were received from April 5 through May 7, and the ballot of 300 candidates is based on those nominations. Tony is going up against nominees such as President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Gates, and more.

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About Tony Paquin

Tony Paquin has extraordinary vision in developing retail business opportunities within healthcare systems. He has over 20 years experience leading strategic companies in the insurance and healthcare Industries.

He previously founded and managed one of the largest technology companies in the insurance sector and was CEO of a NASDAQ listed healthcare services company.

Tony is founder and CEO of Paquin Healthcare Companies, currently employing a staff of 30. Paquin Healthcare Companies develops and implements innovative retail strategies at over 200 hospitals nationwide.

Tony believes that hospitals need the high margin, cash and carry revenue delivered via onsite retail operations. Also, patients need a reliable and authoritative source for high quality healthcare products to augment the services they receive from their healthcare providers.

Further, Tony feels that hospitals must create a competitive advantage to secure their position in the healthcare marketplace, and prevent non-healthcare organizations from infringing on their consumer base.

Tony has extensive experience in public policy at both the state and national level. He has participated in strategic sessions at the Naval War College and has run as a candidate for the United States House of Representatives. Tony was co-founder of both the Arizona Software Association and Idaho Technology Association.

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