Storm Prodigy Bowling Ball Video

Check out the new Storm Prodigy bowling ball in action!

The Storm Prodigy bowling ball is Storm’s latest Premier line release. It looks to be a great addition to the line.

prod-i-gy (n) – something wonderful or marvelous; a wonder. The Prodigy is the new cornerstone of Storm’s Master Line with a Centripetal core featuring a lower center of gravity to create stronger ball motion.

The shape of the new Centripetal core allows for consistency of dynamic design after drilling. What this means is that you can drill the Prodigy with a variety of layouts and guarantee consistent, predictable results from break point to pocket.

As for the cover, we encased the new core shape with a multitude of options and found the aggressive and reliable R2X™ Pearl material with E.T.M. (Enhanced Traction Mica) gave us the desired results. Having proven itself with the Second Dimension™ as Rhino Page will testify, the R2X Pearl with E.T.M. increased the surface profile as verified with the laboratory-quality profilo-meter.

And with a 4000-grit Abralon™ finish, you are sure to get a clean glide through the heads without sacrificing control of the midlane. You’ve got the best of both worlds!

In conclusion, Storm continues to develop innovative technology combined with fine workmanship. That’s why we are “The Bowler’s Company.

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  1. Looks like another great release from Storm. I'll more than likely be punching one of these out along with a Reign of Fire.
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  2. I just bought this ball yesterday and I love it so far! What should I use to maintain the surface of the ball? I do not own a ball spinner Thank you in advance for any advice!!!

    • Hi Gary,

      I think the Storm Reacta Clean will work well on the Prodigy. Are you planning on leaving it at the factory surface? It's definitely a lot of ball!

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