Brunswick C-(System) Alpha-Max Bowling Ball Review & Video

Brunswick Bowling is set to release a new high performance weapon to their arsenal of C(System) bowling balls, the Brunswick C(System) Alpha-Max.

Description: Introducing CFT ALPHA-MAX COVERSTOCK – CFT alpha-max is our newest breakthrough in Chemical Friction Technology. The CFT alpha-max coverstock uses a higher concentration of the CFT additive in order to maximize the chemical system. The CFT alpha-max coverstock is the highest friction factor of any Brunswick ball to date. The secret is in the technology which creates more traction with chemical friction instead of mechanical friction. Being able to use less mechanical friction for hook, allows the ball to skid easier through the front part of the lane saving axis rotation for more energy on the backend.

ASYMMETRIC I-BLOCK CORE – The proven Asymmetric I – Block core enhances the CFT alpha-max coverstock to create maximum forgiveness, strong entry angles along with versatile drilling layouts.

BALL MOTION – This ball is off the chart! The C·(System) alpha-max is so strong we had to add a column to the Ball Comparison chart and increase our Hook Potential scale to describe the ball motion. With its 4000-grit Siaair micro pad finish, the C·(System) alpha-max offers the highest hook potential of any Brunswick ball to date. The C·(System) alpha-max skids effortlessly through the front, saving axis rotation in the mid-lane to grab the backend for strong response to friction and cuts easily through the pins.

REACTION SETUP – The C·(System) alpha-max can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for asymmetric bowling balls.

LIGHTWEIGHT ENGINEERING – The unique core shape of each Brunswick ball is used for weights from 14 to 16 pounds. This approach to lightweight ball engineering provides bowlers with consistent ball reaction characteristics across this weight range. The same drilling instructions can be used for 12- and 13-pound balls. This is because Brunswick uses a generic core shape with an RG differential that is close enough to the 14-16 pound shape.

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