Tom Daugherty Shoots 100 at PBA Tournament of Champions

Bowling in the semi-final match of the PBA Tournament of Champions, Mika Koivuniemi and Tom Daugherty had one of the most unusual matches in PBA television history. With Tom making his first television appearance, you can expect that there would be some TV jitters. Nobody could have expected what was to come…

With an open in the opening frame, Tom rebounded with a strike. Mika came on strong with a barrage of strikes. Unfortunately for Tom, he never had a chance to line up, and the game would soon spiral out of control… literally.

As Mika continued to strike, Daugherty continued to open… and open… and open. It was one of those matches that you couldn’t bear to watch, but couldn’t turn away from.

Tom threw only 2 strikes, had no spares, and 8 open frames. Coming down to the 10th frame, Tom needed to fill 8 to break 100. As he had done on the shots before, his ball drove threw the beak and he was left with the big 4. With the crowd cheering him on, he nailed the 6 and 10 giving him the 8 fill he needed for 100. This beats Steve Jaros’ record low game of 129 and sets a new record for lowest PBA game bowled on television.

While all that was happening, Mika ran the front 11 strikes. He left a half pocket 10 pin standing to beat Tom by a score of 299 – 100.

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  1. Tom is a great bowler who just ran into a little trouble on the TV pair. He bowled excellent the entire week to get their. It was a great accomplishment and he'll definitely be back on TV.

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