The New Storm Marvel Pearl Bowling Ball

Storm Marvel Pearl Bowling Ball
Looking to expand the Master Line with additional performance options, Storm’s product development team determined that, with the successes and feedback from bowlers around the globe, the series needed to expand with a new coverstock option. A highly polished pearl blend made the most sense being that Storm was looking to create a stronger move to the pocket. The Prodigy’s pearl R2X material included enhanced traction mica (ETM) and a 4000-grit Abralon texture to help control the midlane with reading as early as the 2000-grit solid Marvel.

So, taking the ETM out of shell and reducing the surface roughness with a 1500-grit polish, created more of a skid-flip reaction that bowlers love. Throw the Marvel Pearl out to the dry and watch it marvelously recover every time! Remember that it’s the weight block/core that determines the roll pattern due to its migration path, and the Centripetal core’s unique shape will power this new Marvel Pearl as well. The beauty of this shape is that it’s easy to drill and produces a very predictable motion that really packs a punch.

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  1. Your such an expert and so good in bowling. I tried to play it but i can't make it. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.

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