Check Out the New Motiv Thrash Bowling Ball

The new MOTIV™ Thrash™ is a medium oil ball that attacks with control, but has a violent impact. On fresh patterns, the sanded Z-Max™ Solid Reactive shell eliminates the wet/dry reaction issue by producing a smooth and predictable motion toward the pocket. At the moment of impact, it thrashes across the deck and shreds the pins. The MOTIV™ Thrash™ is perfect for average league bowlers that prefer to throw “down and in”, and for advanced bowlers that want to play a straighter line on fresh patterns to strike with control.

The Thrash is the first solid ball to feature the proven Quadfire core. It is designed with an RG to store energy and a differential to control track flare. The 15# ball has a 2.55 RG and .043 differential. Note: All ball weights use the same core design. MOTIV does NOT use generic cores in lightweight balls.

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