Keep Your Business Computers Protected with Norton Small Business Products

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How many times have you been surfing the Internet, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you start getting all of those nagging pop-ups? How often does this occur at your business? For over 59% of small businesses out there, this has reportedly occurred to them in the past three years.

If these small businesses had used products from the Norton Small Business by Symantec line, they could have been protected. Many small businesses rely on technology for their everyday needs. You don’t want to have a false sense of security online or have to pay an expert hundreds of dollars after your network has been attacked.

Fortunately, small business owners can take advantage of special savings available to them. Small businesses can now get 30% off Norton Small Business Products now, a great investment to protect their company. Some excellent product choices to consider would be Norton 360 total protection and the Norton Internet Security 2012, both of which launched this past September.

Not only are Norton products a great thing to have at work, but they also come in handy on the home PC as well. Just the other day, my wife was browsing online doing some shopping for Christmas when her computer was attacked by a trojan. Not knowing what it was, she kept clicking on the pop ups that her computer was displaying. I’m hoping that none of her personal information was captured, but had there been protection from Norton on the computer, she would have been safe.New Message

If your computer is not protected, I encourage you to really check out what Norton has to offer to keep you safe and protected while online. Please leave your comments below and let me know which Norton products you think would best benefit you and why.

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