Get Ready for the Storm Optimus Bowling Ball

Optimus Bowling Ball by Storm Bowling
Coming this summer in July, Storm Bowling will introduce a new Master Line bowling ball, the Storm Optimus. The Optimus bowling ball offers the R2X™ Pearl Reactive coverstock with a Tri-Sphere weight block. If you’re a fan of the scents that Storm adds to their bowling balls, I know you’ll be excited to hear that the Storm Optimus Bowling Ball will carry a scent of Berries N’ Creme, oh yeahhhh!

I’ve always done well with Storm bowling equipment and am definitely looking forward to this release. The R2X™ Pearl Reactive coverstock is very flexible and should allow me to play many different parts of the lane depending on how I drill it. Once I do get my hands on one, I’ll be sure to post my video ball review of the Storm Optimus.

What are your thoughts on the new Storm Optimus? Leave your comments below!

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