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Get Max Results with the Turbo Fire Workout

Working out at the gym can be challenging, especially if you have a full time job, have a family, or travel. An optimal way to reach your personal fitness goals is working out at home. […]

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Introducing the AirPacks Ergonomic Backpack Line from Core Products

The AirPacks System, developed by orthopedic professionals, has been university tested and clinically proven to reduce backpack stress by up to 80% and lighten the effective load of the backpack by up to 50%. The key to the AirPacks Backpack is the inflatable lumbar cushion, which fits into the small of the back and redistributes the weight from the shoulders to the hips. This ergonomic design relieves stress on the upper back and shoulders and promotes a healthier, upright standing position.

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GoToMyLabs.comAt 27 years old (soon to be 28 next week), I can honestly say that I haven’t been to the doctor in years. My wife has been on me to go to the doctors and get a checkup. With as much as I work, it never seems like I have enough time to make a doctors appointment, go to the doctors office, do the tests, then go back to have them explain my results. Turns out, there is a new website that is offering clinical lab testing services, all at the convenience of ordering and reviewing results online. Enter

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A New Source of Revenue for Hospitals / Clinics

Hospitals and medical clinics, faced with tighter reimbursement from insurers, are looking for new ways to make money, and retail is one of them.Source of Revenue for Hospitals / Clinics

“Retail medicine” is a term for any health care related product or service that is not covered by insurance, from aromatherapy oils to acupuncture and massage. Hospitals and medical clinics in the Milwaukee area and throughout the country are expanding their offerings to include a variety of products, from wigs and scarves for cancer patients to specialty cosmetics.

The trend is a way for hospitals to increase revenue from sources other than insurance and government health plans and to expand care outside the hospital, said Gary Paquin, executive vice president of The Paquin Healthcare Company, a health care retail consultant firm based in Celebration, Fla.

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Vote Tony Paquin for 100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare

Tony Paquin

Tony Paquin has been nominated to the final ballot of this years 100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare Magazine. Just under 56,000 nominations were received from April 5 through May 7, and the ballot of 300 candidates is based on those nominations.

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