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The New Apple iPhone 4S

The new Apple iPhone 4s will be out October 14, 2011. Will you be picking one up?

Dual-core A5 chip. The most powerful iPhone processor ever.

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Discover Net10 – The Preferred Wireless Phone Service

If you haven’t heard about Net10 Prepaid Wireless plans, you really need to See the Light! I’ve recently been searching for a new plan and they have everything I need. For only $50 a month, the unlimited plan provides you with unlimited talk, text and web coverage nationwide. That’s perfect for anyone that travels around the country. You should really hear What Rob has to say about the unlimited plan. If you need something basic, they have plenty of plans to choose from to fit your individual needs including simple phones for calling and texting for under $15! Don’t believe me? Watch a Cute NET10 commercial here.

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Cut Your Wireless Phone Bill in Half with Straight Talk

Let me ask you a question. How much are you currently spending a month on your cell plan? What if I told you that if you could get everything you need by only paying $45 a month, you’d say I was crazy? We’re talking unlimited calls, texting, picture messages and web access. Can you imagine only paying $499 a year for all this? Well, I’m here to tell you that Straight Talk phone service has that available for you.

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Automatically Backup Your Most Important Files Online with Carbonite

If you’ve ever lost important files on your computer, you know the feeling. Pictures of a vacation, your child’s first baby steps, that PowerPoint file you stayed up all night working on for your presentation the next day. If only you had a trusty computer backup system to ensure your files were backed up easily and safely.

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Never Lose Your Phone with Sprint’s New Total Equipment Protection App!

Have you ever misplaced or lost your phone before? I’m sure we’ve all done it, and you know the feeling when you can’t find it. The thoughts of someone going through your phone and getting into your contacts, your social media accounts, and finding those pictures that nobody was suppose to see! Well fear no more Sprint customers because the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App has arrived.

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