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Storm Anarchy Bowling Ball – Coming Soon

Storm Anarchy Bowling Ball

You’ve waited for it, well here it comes. Storm Bowling’s newest edition to their Premier line of high performance bowling balls, the Storm Anarchy.

The goal of the new Storm Anarchy is to develop a high-end strong asymmetrical that is clean through the heads and turns over sharp at the break point, even for bowlers without all the revs of the tour guys.

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Lane #1 Pink Panther Bowling Ball

Lane 1 Pink Panther Bowling Ball
Lane #1 has been known to push the envelope when it comes to making bowling balls. From scantily clad women on their advertisements (no complaints), to death and destruction. They’ve had a certain level of shock appeal when it comes to their marketing, but have they gone too far?

In my opinion, absolutely not…

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Storm Virtual Energy Strikes Again

Storm Virtual Energy Bowling Ball

As fall leagues are just getting started, I’m still figuring out which balls are going to work best at the houses I’m bowling at. So far, the Storm Virtual Energy is still the front runner in my bag.

Bowling in the Wednesday night DRS league at AMF Altamonte Lanes, I started out the night with my Roto Grip Nomad Pearl. I had a good look in practice, but decided to make a change in the 4th frame of the first game after going strike, spare, spare. I think it was a decent ball change…

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George Gomez shoots 806 with Storm Tropical Heat Hybrid

August 28, 2010, AMF Longwood Lanes. The SBA visited AMF Longwood lanes and scores were out of the house for the first three games. George Gomez came out of the gates with games of 259, […]

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900 Global Bank Bowling Ball

900 Global Bank Bowling Ball

900 Global has designed a ball that will take your game to the next level… and you can take that to the BANK!

The Bank features our newest core design “Self Righting Core” (SRC). The SRC is both homogeneous in nature and also mono-monostatic. The unique core shape contains only one stable point. Unlike all other cores in the industry the SRC core will always move and twist to its stable position regardless of how or where it is placed. It will right it self!

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