New Bowling Ball Releases

New Hammer Bowling Ball – Hammer Arson Pearl

Last year Hammer set fire to oily lane conditions with the Arson. Now Arson Pearl is ready to light up the lanes when the Arson has burned them up. Arson Pearl uses a new Max-Corner […]

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The New Storm Crossroad Bowling Ball

The number one factor of ball motion is coverstock. So, when we are looking to expand upon the Victory Road with the proven components of the Hy-Road, we first started with the R2S hybrid reactive shell that seemed to match up on every lane condition imaginable.

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The New Storm Modern Marvel Bowling Ball Coming Soon

One of the most popular balls of this year’s World Series of Bowling, the Marvel™ Pearl was preferred by Ryan Shafer, Dom Barrett, and many more looking to open up the backends. The new Modern Marvel will provide more midlane traction as it features a textured R2X™ hybrid reactive cover.

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Check Out the Storm Vivid Bowling Ball

Are you ready for Storm’s newest Premier bowling ball? The Storm Vivid is coming soon!

Release Date: March 01, 2012

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Check Out the New Motiv Thrash Bowling Ball

The new MOTIV™ Thrash™ is a medium oil ball that attacks with control, but has a violent impact. On fresh patterns, the sanded Z-Max™ Solid Reactive shell eliminates the wet/dry reaction issue by producing a smooth and predictable motion toward the pocket. At the moment of impact, it thrashes across the deck and shreds the pins.

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