Roto Grip Bowling Balls

New Roto Grip Nomad Bowling Ball

It looks like Roto Grip is set to release a few new balls into their arsenal. One ball is called the [bowlingball value=”7205″/]. Here are the technical specs on this new ball release: Factory finish: […]

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The New Roto Grip Rogue Cell Bowling Ball Reaction Video

We took the new Roto Grip Rogue Cell out on the lanes to see what it could do. This is the newest addition to Roto Grip’s Crown line of bowling equipment. This ball is set […]

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Roto Grip Rogue Cell Bowling Ball Description

A new generation within the kingdom has materialized and looks to seek total domination. The Rogue Cell™ utilizes the latest generation of the Cytoplasmic™ coverstock series. The Cytoplasmic XL™ hybrid reactive coverstock features a unique […]

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The New Roto Grip Rogue Cell bowling ball – Coming Soon

If you have been a fan of the recent Cell line of bowling equipment by Roto Grip, then get ready for their newest addition coming on March 12, 2009: The Rogue Cell. I’ve had a […]

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My Review of the new Roto Grip Cell Pearl

The technologically advanced and performance proven Nucleus™ core delivers continuous predictable motion for all types of bowlers. The Cytoplasmic X™ pearl reactive coverstock is a first in the industry with the optimum amount of porosity […]

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