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Storm Prodigy Bowling Ball Video

Storm Prodigy Bowling Ball VideoWatch the new Storm Prodigy bowling ball video in action!

prod-i-gy (n) – something wonderful or marvelous; a wonder. The Prodigy is the new cornerstone of Storm’s Master Line with a Centripetal core featuring a lower center of gravity to create stronger ball motion.

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Hammer Jigsaw Trap Ball Reaction Video

Check out the new Hammer Jigsaw Trap ball reaction video here.

Hammer Jigsaw Trap Video

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Superman Leap Makes Fordham Player a Viral Video Hit

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a … Fordham baseball player?

Yes, that’s college boy Brian Kownacki joining Mark Buehrle and Paul Maholm as an early contender for the baseball play of the year with this unbelievable and successful leap turned handspring over Iona catcher James Beck on Tuesday. The soaring Superman play wasn’t just for show, either. It was part of a nine-run rally in the eighth inning that helped Fordham overcome an early 9-1 deficit en route to a 12-9 win.

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Brunswick Slingshot Video

Brunswick Slingshot bowling ballI haven’t gotten a chance to throw the Brunswick Slingshot yet, but I have had a chance to see it in action. It certainly looks like a great addition to anyone’s arsenal that’s looking for extra length with strong backend.

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Sean Rash Brunswick Evil Siege Bowling Ball Video

Brunswick Evil Siege Bowling Ball Watch Brunswick staffer Sean Rash demonstrate the Brunswick Evil Siege bowling ball.

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