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The New High-Performance Storm Zero Gravity Bowling Ball

If you were a fan of the Storm Virtual Gravity (I know I was), then get ready for the Storm Zero Gravity bowling ball! Built upon the storied success of the Virtual Gravity™ and its […]

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The New Brunswick C-(System) Ulti-Max Pearl

CFT ulti-max pearl is our newest breakthrough in Chemical Friction Technology. The CFT ulti-max pearl coverstock uses the highest concentration of the friction additive in order to maximize the chemical system. The key to CFT is creating more traction with chemical friction instead of mechanical friction. By using less mechanical friction to produce hook, the CFT ulti- max pearl coverstock provides enhanced projection down the lane while saving axis rotation for more energy on the backend and through the pins.

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Brunswick’s New Wicked Siege Bowling Ball

Brunswick Wicked Siege Bowling Ball It’s Wicked. It’s Dangerous. It’ll impress the non-believers.

It’s the all new Pro Performance Brunswick Wicked Siege. Coming to you on November 08, 2010. The Wicked Siege combines the new Propel X coverstock and the MACE medium RG core to produce a ball motion that is clean through the front, consistent in the mid-lane with a quick response to friction on the backend.

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Brunswick Slingshot Video

Brunswick Slingshot bowling ballI haven’t gotten a chance to throw the Brunswick Slingshot yet, but I have had a chance to see it in action. It certainly looks like a great addition to anyone’s arsenal that’s looking for extra length with strong backend.

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Roto Grip Nomad & Nomad Pearl Make a Great 1-2 Punch

Making the right ball choice to begin league with can be a tough, yet important decision. We all have our favorite balls and like to see the ball hook across the lane, well at least I do. During our few minutes of practice before league last night, I decided to throw my Roto Grip Nomad to get a feel for the lanes. I usually go with a more aggressive ball to start out, but I felt like giving the Nomad Solid a shot. It rolled very good in practice and I had a few boards to play with so I decided to stick with it.

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