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Gary Halstrom Shoots 300 With Storm Reign Bowling Ball

Congrats to Gary Halstrom for shooting 300 last night with the Storm Reign bowling ball. Gary has been throwing Storm & Roto Grip products the last few years now and has been enjoying success with their line of bowling equipment.

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Roto Grip Mutant Cell

[bowlingball value=”7625,i250c”/] Roto Grip Design Intent on the new [bowlingball value=”7625″/]. The success of the Cell series continues to grow, and so does the technology involved in the newest edition. The signature touch to the […]

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The New Ebonite Evolve Bowling Ball Reaction Video

We got a chance to test out Ebonite’s newest high performance bowling ball, the [bowlingball value=”7140″/]. I have to say that I was quite impressed with the motion this ball gave. The last few Ebonite balls I’ve thrown have been good, but the [bowlingball value=”7140″/] I feel is better for my game than prior releases. Check out the video and see what you think.

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Tips For Bowler’s Throwing a Straight Ball – TalkBowling

Tips for bowlers that are currently throwing the ball straight down the lane.

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The New Virtual Energy Bowling Ball by Storm Bowling

If you were a fan of the ever popular [bowlingball value=”6810″/], then get ready for Storm’s latest edition… The Storm Virtual Energy. This ball is set to be released on June 25, 2009. Here are […]

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