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The New Ebonite Evolve Bowling Ball Reaction Video

We got a chance to test out Ebonite’s newest high performance bowling ball, the [bowlingball value=”7140″/]. I have to say that I was quite impressed with the motion this ball gave. The last few Ebonite balls I’ve thrown have been good, but the [bowlingball value=”7140″/] I feel is better for my game than prior releases. Check out the video and see what you think.

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The Ebonite Magic Touch bowling ball

[bowlingball value=”7139,i200l”/] Ebonite’s Magic Touch is the perfect complement to the Magic. Designed with more length in mind versus the Magic, we formulated Flexol Plus Reactive. When combined with the Magic Symmetric Mass Bias Core, […]

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The New Ebonite The One Pearl Bowling Ball – Coming Soon

[bowlingball value=”6909,i200c”/] If you liked [bowlingball value=”3874″/], then get ready for Ebonite’s newest release… [bowlingball value=”6909″/]. Take The ONE from Ebonite, add on some extra muscle and what do you get? [bowlingball value=”6909″/]–a stronger, more […]

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The New Striking Motion Bowling Ball by Ebonite

[bowlingball value=”6831,i150c”/] If you’re a fan of Ebonite Bowling Balls, then you’re going to love the new [bowlingball value=”6831″/]. This ball offers an all new Super Shell 1.0 coverstock which pushes ball performance to new […]

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