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Lane #1 Pink Panther Bowling Ball

Lane 1 Pink Panther Bowling Ball
Lane #1 has been known to push the envelope when it comes to making bowling balls. From scantily clad women on their advertisements (no complaints), to death and destruction. They’ve had a certain level of shock appeal when it comes to their marketing, but have they gone too far?

In my opinion, absolutely not…

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Lane #1 Big Curve Bowling Ball Available April 1

Lane 1 Big Curve Bowling BallLane #1’s sexy Curve now has a big brother for protection. Introducing the Lane # 1 Big Curve. The Curve handles all medium oil conditions, but when the oil comes down heavy, the BIG CURVE steps in. When there is big oil, the BIG CURVE shows off its Big Muscles. If you want Big scores, you need to throw a BIG CURVE ball!

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Review of the Lane 1 Curve Bowling Ball

Click Layout Image to Enlarge They say this to watch for the big back-end, well they’re not lying! Pin to PAP(4 1/2″ over 1/2″ up) – 3 7/8″ under ring finger Mass Bias Position – […]

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Watch the New Lane #1 Dynamo X2 Ball Reaction Video

We tested the [bowlingball value=”7453″/] on a 38′ house pattern with a higher volume of oil. This ball was very smooth through the heads and gave a consistent reaction on the backend. The [bowlingball value=”7453″/] […]

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Lane #1 Massacre Red Death Bowling Ball – Coming Soon

[bowlingball value=”7566,i200c”/] The [bowlingball value=”7566″/] isn’t like the original Chainsaw Massacre, it’s much worse! Instead of just killing pins instantly, the Red Death tortures the pins with strike after strike. Throw the Red Death and […]

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