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Gary Halstrom Shoots 300 With Storm Reign Bowling Ball

Congrats to Gary Halstrom for shooting 300 last night with the Storm Reign bowling ball. Gary has been throwing Storm & Roto Grip products the last few years now and has been enjoying success with their line of bowling equipment.

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If you are bowling in the USBC Nationals in Las Vegas this year, be sure to enter into the Storm / Roto Grip Nationals Challenge. They are offering the following: Singles Handicap Singles Scratch Doubles […]

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Carolyn Dorin-Ballard Breaks Record While Winning Women’s Series Showdown

If you got a chance to watch ladies bowling on ESPN today, you would have witnessed Carolyn Dorin-Ballard break a PBA televised record for most strikes in a row. Throwing 20 straight strikes in a […]

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Storm Second Dimension Bowling Ball Review

Click Layout Image to Enlarge Storm has developed a pearlized version of the Dimension™ with enhanced traction in the carry-down and increased entry angle to the pocket. Welcome to the Second Dimension. Pin to PAP(4 […]

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The New Storm Second (2nd) Dimension Ball Reaction Video

[bowlingball value=”6972,i200c”/]

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